Possible Porsche Store at Etihad Towers

According to an article in The National, Wael al Takhin, the general manager for Porsche Design in the UAE, says:

Porsche has been selling products since 1972, starting with watches. The company then launched its own store boutiques in 2005. There are 107 stores worldwide. We hope to open at least one store in Abu Dhabi next year and are looking at Marina Mall and Etihad Towers.

The store could feature products as this limited edition Porsche Design watch for Dh 990,000 (US $270,000), while at the low end of the Porsche car collection, the Boxster retails at Dh 184,600, with the signature Porsche 911 selling for just over Dh 300,000.

Except for watches, the Porsche Design stores sell limited edition cufflinks, pens, clothing, luggage, shoes and accessories.

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